Hello, Biter!

Welcome to TheTechBiters(TTB) – A community of enthusiastic Technology lovers.  who is popularly known as “Biters”! These are people who are living an internet lifestyle.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Sandip Hadiya Holds founder of The Tech Biters blog. I am from Gujarat, India. Professionally I am Engineer in Computer Science. and working as Sr.PHP Developer in sabrewing infotech Pvt.Ltd. I alweys love to read news and new technology articals and review items but didn’t try to start blogging then i started my first blog  In my college days, Technichload blog  which have all most avery artical is copy paste content and write more than 33 in 3 mounths and  apply for Google Adsense account for start earning some bucks but I didn’t get approval for the account in 1 year. after 3 years I check in Adsense my account it has been approved. because one day I have written one blog post in my own hand then I realize if you write your own word you can be the success after one day then I decide to start the blog in a profrssional platform and read much more about blogs, SEO, and bloggers inspirational stories and tips. then I finally start blog TheTechBiters.

Here is what you will find on The Tech Biters:

Here is what you will find on TheTechBiters: 50% about Technology Articles and lettest technology related tips and tricks. We have been educating people on various tools and technologies. 30% Stories: Real life stories and articles related to world’s most famous peoples who create history and inspire us to do something out of the box in this fast growing 21st century. 20% of fashion and health tips. I love to spend time in the gym. lost more than 7 kg weight in 2 weeks. I think its enuff to introduce myself after short time I will update the full story how I start this blog after 4 years from my first blog Technichload and how I manage my freelancing and blogging career