How to Use Dolby Atmos Surround Sound on Windows 10

Learn how to Use Dolby Atmos Surround Sound on Windows 10 that will help you to enhance the audio system in your Windows operating system. So follow the below guide to proceed.

In this article, we will be talking about one of the newest features of the Windows 10 that is to be launched officially yet. This new feature is included in the latest Windows Creators Update that could be availed to the Windows Insider registered users. Talking about the feature it is the addition of Dolby Surround support for the audio on headphones or earphones connected to the Windows.

Through this feature, the users would be able to listen to the music in the peak range quality with numerous handling functions. Although this is an amazing sound feature for the Windows the developers have not done the justice.

They have printed some sort of price batch on this feature, means that the users need to first but it to use it. That’s actually awkward, the Microsoft is behaving like greedy product providers! Sorry to be a ride but this is actually happening.

Apart from what this feature is and how much it is to be paid to buy it, we will be only taking about the prices of enabling it indeed. If you are the one who is on the Windows Creator and is willing to enable the Dolby function, just scroll down and read out this article. We have presented there the whole method of enabling and setting up this latest feature!

How to Use Dolby Atmos Surround Sound on Windows 10

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow simple step by step by the guide that will help you to easily use the Dolby Atoms surrounds sound in your Windows operating system that will give you an amazing experience. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Use Dolby Atmos Surround Sound on Windows 10:

#1 To start up with the method first of all download the Dolby Access App on your Website through the Windows Apps store.

#2 After successfully downloading the app from the app store, just open it up. Using this app is all easy and the inbuilt guiding panels will make you quickly know about its working. Skipping the guidelines you have to choose the option for setting the particular Dolby Surround.

One is for the Home Theater and other for the Headphones. Select the one with which you wish to work and proceed to this method.

#3 In the above step of you choose the a With my Headphones then the Windows will prompt to check for the system audio hardware spatial requirements. In the most modern computers, the hardware is all compatible with this feature but I’d your system lacks the sound drivers and quality hardware then you would not be able to use this feature. Sorry to say, but you won be able to move further in this method of you are lacking the system sound hardware!

#4 As stated in the beginning of this article, the Microsoft has provided this Dolby feature to the users and they need to buy it. Particularly it has the 30-days free trial option for the users. At this stage in the method, you have to choose whether if you will buy this feature or just carry on to the free trial.

#5 On selecting your desired option for this product through the above steps you will be able to enable the Dolby Surround for the Headphones. You have to select the Configure PC Settings button and then select a Dolby Atmos for headphones in the Spatial sound format box so as to set the feature on.

#6 This feature will now get enabled and you will be able to enjoy the real crisp and rich sound on your headphones Connected to the Computer. You will instantly notice the difference between the sound quality once you listen to any music or watch movies etc. Remember one thing that you will be able to enjoy this incredible feature till another 30 features of activation of you have chosen the free trial version.

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This was all about the enabling of Dolby Surround feature that is going to be the latest feature for the Official Windows. This feature is an excellent step of the Microsoft engineers towards nourishing the Sound aspects for the users. There are a lot more new features to come in the Windows and we hope that you people will also love these new additions.

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