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As per the recent statistics, the number of people who used the internet between 2005-2017 was reported to be around 3.58 billion! With so many netizens, and the cable TV being dated, it only makes sense to have access to entertainment online. And that’s exactly what many companies are focusing on.

Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are widely popular for online streaming. However, these charge a monthly fee that not all of us are comfortable spending. Hence, CouchTuner. Unfortunately, free services like CouchTuner don’t operate legally and get into trouble for providing pirated content. Lately, laws have become quite stringent and authorities, especially in the UK, have been tracking down such services on account of copyright infringement.

Before we move onto the alternatives, here’s a little background about CouchTuner.

What is “CouchTuner�

Launched in 2010, CouchTuner is a TV series streaming website which offers unlimited content, for free. Users can simply launch the site and click on a title to begin streaming. The homepage contains tabs like “New Releasesâ€, “TV Listingâ€, and “Search Showâ€, for a hassle-free browsing experience. Its important to know that CouchTuner doesn’t host any content and instead, redirects you to other pages for streaming. There’s no need to subscribe or register an account in order to use their services. That said, CouchTuner does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, you will notice that the title selection is quite limited. Secondly, the interface is not the best and lacks efficient organization of content. Plus, as stated earlier, the site may be blocked in certain regions.

Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best alternatives to CouchTuner. 

11 Best CouchTuner Alternatives 2018


Putlock has gained a huge fan following ever since its launch, thanks to a massive library of movies as well as TV series. To give you an idea, few of the most popular movies on the site are Justice League, Thor, Dunkirk, and War for the Planet of Apes. You can also watch hit TV shows like Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Arrow, Mr. Robot, and Riverdale. From these titles, you might have already figured that Putlocker features many of the latest titles so if that’s what you prefer, you must definitely check this service out. However, remember that Putlocker offers pirated content for free, so there’s always a risk of getting malware onto your device or getting caught for consuming copyrighted content. Moreover, there are ads which cannot be avoided but compared to other free streaming services, the ads are fewer. There’s absolutely no need for registration. You could simply browse content as per categories like genre, year, movies, TV series, and most watched; located at the top of the main page. Additionally, you may also request the operators to upload a title that you want to watch and is missing in their library.


Cucirca works quite similar to CouchTuner and features only TV shows. Therefore, if you love binging on famous TV series like Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, The Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead, or The Big Bang Theory, you’re in for a treat. The service is absolutely free of cost and you don’t have to sign up in order to stream content. In case you’re wondering, Cucirca is technically not an illegal service as it does NOT host any of the content on its own server. Rather, it’ll pull up links to other sources which contain the content you’re looking to access. All that said, if you also love to watch movies, Curcirca may be slightly disappointing as it does not have movies. Another drawback is that the web design and interface is significantly poor in terms of appeal and ease of navigation. Most of the content is in the form of text instead of images and there aren’t many categories to help you filter content. Aside from that, its still a great service for TV-watchers, especially those who love CouchTuner.

The Dare TV:

The Dare TV is another great streaming service which is almost identical to CouchTuner. However, unlike Cucirca, this service also features movie titles, albeit, very limited. As of today, the site has about 30 sub-categories/filters for TV shows and about 26, for movies. You can search for content as per their genre including Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Reality TV, Film-noir, and even K-drama. The homepage displays a list of shows as per their airing schedule on other streaming sites and TV channels. It also displays other categories like “Recently Added Shows†and “Recently Updated Moviesâ€. Some of the most popular titles on the site include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lucifer, The Crown, The Gifted, Shameless, and Grey’s Anatomy. Having said that, the movie selection is not so impressive as there aren’t many known titles. Just like Putlocker, the Dare TV also let’s you post request for any title that you desire to watch. If we had to pick just one good alternative to CouchTuner, this would be the one!


Project Free TV is another one of our favorites for streaming TV series. Despite being in the risk-radar as far as copyright infringement authorities are concerned, this service has managed to stay in the game by shifting its domain several times and creating proxy sites for everyone to access the service. The site has a huge repository of old as well as new TV shows like The Walking Dead, Gotham, How to Get Away with Murder, Better Call Saul, American Horror Story, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Stranger Things. You’ve probably guessed already that similar to most CouchTuner alternatives, Project FreeTV’s chief focus is solely on TV series. So movie buffs, you may be out of luck. Like Cucirca, this site also fails on the design front as there are hardly any images/thumbnails to display content. Instead, it is displayed in the form of text and links. Also, the layout and categories aren’t as neat or efficient as legal services like TubiTV. However, you can still browse by popularity or recentness if you’re confused as to what to pick.

Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is a well-renowned service in the online streaming microcosm and guess what? Its not only free, but also legit at the same time. Currently, the site boasts a collection of over 7,400 titles including movies, documentaries, and TV shows from big-name sources such as Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, MGM, Starz, and tons more. Some of the most watched titles on this platform are “Hell and Back Againâ€, “Bullet Boyâ€, and “Little Shop of Horrorsâ€. The content is well-curated and neatly arranged under categories such as Most Popular, Comedy, Horror, Action, Black Cinema, Docuseries, and Indie Films. Note that you wouldn’t find many latest releases because after all it is a free service which has to maintain its legal status. If you’re into classics and documentaries, this service is worth a try. However, note that unlike CouchTuner, Tubi TV requires you to register yourself to be able to stream content. The service is supported on multiple platforms including Roku, Xbox, select Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS/Android devices.

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Watch Series:

Watch Series has been around for about the same time as CouchTuner and therefore, is largely reliable, with a vast database of TV series including popular ones like Vikings, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Punisher, The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot, Criminal Minds, and Modern Family. Aside from TV shows, it also features a decent collection of anime and movies. Few of the anime titles are Black Clover, Shounen Ashibe, and Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. Though it does have a category for movies, you wouldn’t really see many latest or familiar titles since most of them are documentaries. What we love about Watch Series is the browsing experience. The homepage displays all the categories (My Shows, All TV Series, Watch Movies, Watch Anime, Watch Drama, etc.) in a tidy fashion, on the left side. The episodes/titles are shown in a grid-like format with clear thumbnails and details like the season/episode number. Another high point of Watch Series is that they update the content sooner than most other services so if you want to get your hands on the latest episodes, do check this site out.


CMoviesHD is another brilliant free streaming service with an excellent site design and interface. The homepage looks and feels quite premium with an eye-catching color theme, a slider displaying all the recent additions, and a clutter-free interface. As you scroll down, you’d see that the content is thoughtfully sorted into various categories such as “Suggestionsâ€, “Latest Moviesâ€, “TV Seriesâ€, and “Requested Moviesâ€. You could also browse by filters like Movies, Top IMDB, Cinema, A-Z List, Year, and Genre. You can choose from a wide trove of TV series and an equally extensive index of movies. Much like CouchTuner, CMoviesHD does not host any of the media files on its platform and shows links to other sources available online. Hence, its totally legal and safe for you to use. What’s more? The site is accessible from several countries including the U.S., France, Japan, India, the UK, South Korea, and Germany. You can in fact click on a particular country to see content that is specifically curated according to the audience in that particular region. If you want all your media including TV shows and movies in one place, this should be your first choice.

The Series Online:

The Series Online (domain name: Series9.co), is yet another great alternative which uses the same modus operandi as CMoviesHD, albeit, with a slightly weak design and interface. You may simply key in the movie/TV show title or browse by categories which are exactly the same as CMoviesHD. The site is quite nicely maintained and it very user-friendly. So if you prefer simplicity over appeal, you’re sure to love this service. Again, like CMoviedHD, The Series Online also shows content in the form of pictures as opposed to a drab word-listing. Though you don’t need to register, its recommended that you do if you wish to receive regular updates on the latest episodes or additions to the library.

Café Movie:

Café Movie is one of our personal favorites. When you load the site, the first impression would be that it resembles a paid service, by virtue of its sophisticated, yet uncomplicated interface and layout. The homepage features a hamburger-style icon on the top-left corner. Once you click on it, it’ll list down all the categories including “Latest Moviesâ€, “Suggest Meâ€, “TV Seriesâ€, “Top Rates 2017â€, “Greatest Moviesâ€, and “Genresâ€. Yes, it offers movies as well! Some of the most watched movie titles on the site are Logan, Gerald’s Game, Blade Runner, and John Wick. And of course, you can watch TV shows such as Liar, Sherlock, 13 Reasons Why, Barry, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. What’s different about Café Movie is that you can watch the shows in different languages since it curates content from various regions across the globe. Much like TubiTV, this site also makes it mandatory to sign-up before you start streaming. All that aside, the service displays a disclaimer, prompting you to turn on a VPN service so we’d suggest that you subscribe to one if you haven’t already. This way, your IP address would be protected.


Though the main aim of Alluc (pronounced as “all you seeâ€) is to provide free media streaming, its way of operating is a tad bit different from other services listed here. How it works is that users are encouraged to upload links to video sharing sources and group them under appropriate categories. These are then examined by the site admin before finally being published for public consumption. Some of the sources to which you’ll be redirected to for streaming are YouTube, Dailymotion, and the like. You can stream both, movies as well as TV series by clicking on “Find Streams†and choosing a title. However, discovering content is a bit of a hassle on Alluc due to lack of filters/sub-categories. That said, you’ll definitely find plenty of new titles to watch in good quality.


Veoh is another decent CouchTuner alternative which in fact also serves as a source to Alluc. Aside from TV shows, you can also stream movies, music, and videos ranging across numerous genres and topics, from Horror to Crime to Comedy to Sci-Fi. To boot, you can even upload a video that you wish to share with fellow users using the “Upload a Video†tab, located on top of the man screen. Veoh is totally free and does not require you to subscribe to any kind of membership plans. However, you may register an account if you wish to be notified regarding recent uploads. The site also has a forum where users can discuss movies/TV series and post reviews to help others know more about it.

Wrapping Up:

Whether you are unable to open CouchTuner or aren’t satisfied with its interface and content catalogue, this list will help you to stream your favorite media, especially TV shows, for free. Nevertheless, if you’re seeking a premium legal site with a customer service par excellence, you may have to look for other options such as Netflix, Hulu, and Select TV. Keep visiting our blog

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