13 Best Sites to Download Full Music Albums for Free 2018


If you’re a music hound looking to get music online for free, you have dropped the proverbial anchor on the right page. The landscape of audio formats has metamorphosed several times over the past couple of decades. At the beginning, there were the much-cool vinyl records, then came the era of cassettes, and until not too long ago, we had the compact discs.

Today, most of the music lovers, myself included, find ourselves streaming music on our mobile phones or computers using services like iTunes, Amazon Prime Music, and Spotify. And although these music streaming services are brilliant, they do come at a cost. Plus, they maybe accessible only on selected devices, in limited locations. Recently, we have also shared best music download apps. Many of us who’re on a stringent budget and wish to download music conveniently, resort to YouTube converters. However, when a music video is converted into an MP3 file, the audio quality often gets compromise and no audiophile would be happy with that.

Therefore, we’ve hunted the internet for other, semi-legal sources that allow you to download music albums (and single tracks) without paying a penny. Be it any genre including Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Rock, and Pop, you’ll find tons of music from popular as well as upcoming artists on these sites.

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Best Sites To Download Full Music Albums For Free



Jamendo is one of the longest-standing free (and legal) music websites whose chief aim is to bring music aficionados from around the world, to connect over music, while serving as a platform that helps construct valuable experiences for everybody involved. Jamendo currently sits on a music repository of over 37,000 music albums. You can download (and listen) unlimited music on either iOS, Android or Windows device, in MP3 as well as Ogg Vorbis formats without being bugged by ads. What’s more? This website has an excellent interface, and if you create an account, you could even make your own playlists! Jamendo is great not only for downloading music but also for budding artists, looking for a paid-opportunity. They do this by means of “Jamendo Licensing” which vends out licenses for background music and music synchronization.


youtube by click

YouTube By Click is not exactly a music downloading website. Rather, it is a software that you need to download and install onto your device. It performs the same task as an online YouTube converter, only better, with tons of other features. Users can download music videos from a bunch sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Veoh, Vimeo, etc. and convert them into various file formats including MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, and WEBM in HD/4k resolution. As far as YouTube is concerned, you can not only download individual videos but entire playlists and even the entire video library off of a channel. There are a couple of ways to do this; so to make it more convenient, check this link with all the ways in which you can download.


noise trade

Similar to Jamendo, NoiseTrade is one of the best sites to download full music albums. It encourages novice musicians to create original music which users can download in return for giving out data such as their email address and zip code. This helps a lot in promoting the artist which can actually prove to be more beneficial than merely selling albums in the long run. Users are also spurred to share various social media links of a particular artist and even aiding them by paying a small amount, by means of a “tip-jar”. Note that this is completely optional, but is a great option to have if you appreciate new, original music and wish to help new musicians. Discovering music is fairly easy. You could just hover over the “Music” tab at the top of the homepage, and search by genre, or scroll down the page to see what’s new or what’s trending. Aside from music, NoiseTrade also contains a decent library of books across genres like Arts, Biographies, Health, History, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Fiction which also can be downloaded for free.

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Think of SoundCloud as the YouTube for uploading melodies on which anyone and everyone can upload tunes, whether original creations or remixes. This site encourages professional artists and lesser known musicians to showcase their talent and also distribute it. In fact, there’s also a “creative common license” section from where you can pick up any track to tweak it or use it for your own purpose. Although a massive number of tracks on SoundCloud can be downloaded for free, some of them may require you to like a Facebook page and some may not have the option of downloading altogether. The latter is mostly applicable for tracks belonging to popular artists. Nevertheless, you can certainly stream them for free. You can search content by artist, genre, popularity, or recent uploads. If a track/album has a download button next to it, simply click on it to begin downloading. SoundCloud can be enjoyed across a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Sonos, Chromecast, Xbox One, and web browsers.

Free Music Archive:

free music archive

As the name suggests, Free Music Archive is a free music downloading website containing a colossal index of music that falls under public domain. It is completely legal and none of the content is copyrighted. You’ll find music across a legion of genres including blues, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, classical, country, folk, instrumental, international, pop, and rock. You can also discover content by using other navigation tabs like Curators, and Charts. Alternatively, you can also find music using filters such as release date and sub-categories like “Recently Added Highlights”, “Most Interesting Highlights”, and recent blog posts. In order to download, you just need to click on the downward arrow button, to the right of the song name. Quite obviously, since this is a website filled with music belonging to the public domain, you may not find songs/albums of your favorite Billboard artist. However, if you are open to new tunes, this could be worth checking out.


free sound

FreeSound does not offer the latest popular albums from popular artists. But what it does offer is a massive library (approximately 230,000 sounds) full of audio samples including sound effects, instrumental tunes, and field recordings which makes it one of the best sites to download full music albums for free. Other than that, you’ll also find tons of podcasts and well-known radio stations featuring smashing hits. This site may not appeal to the average music lover but can be extremely useful if you work in a creative field where you need copyright-free sound tracks and music samples for your work, on a regular basis. In order to download a track, you’ll have to register an account and then simply hit the download button. Like most other music website, you can first get a preview of the track before you decide to download it.

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iSkysoft iMusic:


If you’re looking for an all-in-one music downloading service then iSkysoft Music could be the answer to your needs. It isn’t just a music downloading app/website but instead offers a wide array of features including transferring, recording, backing-up, and discovering music between various devices. Basically, it serves as an efficient music management tool. As of today, iSkysoft iMusic let’s you download music from more than 3000 sources. What’s more? You can create your own playlists, sync iTunes library, transfer songs between android and iOS devices, and even convert music into different file formats. Although this software allows you to download stuff for free, we’d highly recommend you to get the Lifetime License plan for a more enhanced experience.


band camp

Bandcamp serves as a microsite for mostly independent musicians (as well as a few record labels) where they can upload their work to be shared and promoted either for free or in exchange for a nominal price. Users can also get free tracks if they’re willing to join an artist’s mailing list. There’s also an option to make a donation to artists for their music to help them make more music. The site comes with several unique features such as saving songs/albums in a “wishlist”, gifting purchased music to a special one, and looking up lyrics. Though Bandcamp allows artists to upload their work for free, the company does charge a 15% commission on sales made via their site. Aside from their web interface, you could also access Bandcamp on iOS, Android, and Blackberry 10 devices.



Erstwhile “Unborn Media”, PureVolume mainly caters to musicians on the make, enabling them to upload music files for free. This means that web users can download thousands of tracks in MP3 format, at absolutely no cost. Furthermore, you can also create user profiles to reach out to artists and share their work if you like it. This site also offers some premium tunes which you can avail for a small amount. Browsing through music is hassle-free by virtue of tabs like “Top Songs”, “Top Downloads”, “Browse Artists, and “Albums”. Here’s an interesting fact: many record labels have lifted artists off PureVolume while on the lookout to sign new musicians. One of the very first artists to have received an opportunity was the Gym Class Heroes. Other groups to have gained popularity from this site, include Twenty-One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, and He is We.



Last.fm was originally created to serve as an online radio station akin to services like Pandora. Currently, it offers music streaming and downloading while giving personalized recommendations using a system known as “Audioscrobbler”. Audioscrobbler analyses a user’s music preferences by monitoring the songs he/she has listened to in the past on their media players, computers, or Internet radio stations. Last.fm has an extremely neat layout with categories like Live Charts, New Releases, and Coming Soon. As you scroll down further, you’ll find sub-categories like Top Tracks, Top Artists, Top New Releases, and Most Loved. Though most of the popular music on this platform is available for free streaming, it’ll often prompt you to purchase the same on iTunes. However, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll find the “Free Music Downloads” option under the Goodies section.



SoundClick is like Facebook for music lovers and artists alike. Music listeners can stream songs and download them in MP3, while musicians can sell their tunes through the e-store. This site also has a major social aspect that enables users to find profiles of friends along with photos, videos, blogs, and “user stations”. You can also read up more about your favorite artists on the platform and create tailor-made radio stations to interact with fellow listeners. SoundClick creates music charts across different genres. You can also browse as per featured band or artist, or check out the “hot on Soundclick” sub-category, to get your hands on the popular stuff. Big caveat: Not all tracks can be downloaded. However, they can all be streamed.

MP3 Clan:


MP3 Clan is not really a well-known or hyped music downloading service unlike the rest of them on this list. However, it does deserve a mention by the sheer virtue of its library. You’ll find some of the latest hits belonging to a myriad genres including Alternative, Hip-Hop, Blues, Classical, Rock, Reggar, Latino, Jazz, Dance, and Country. The only catch is that in the free version, your experience would be interrupted with tons of advertisements. If you want an ad-free experience and unlimited downloading capacity, you’d have to upgrade to the pro subscription that costs $10/month or $40/year. In our opinion, this subscription is worth it if you prefer to get your hands on the latest, commercial stuff.


dat piff

If you’re an ardent fan of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Urban music, you’re going to love DatPiff. This site functions as a distribution platform for mixtapes. You could find aspiring rappers freestyling, original compositions, and drops from established artists. You can not only download mixtapes for free but also check release schedules and stream compilations created by fans. Although you don’t need to register in order to download sponsored music, it is definitely recommended if you wish to access mixtapes that aren’t sponsored. You can even opt for a paid membership to download unlimited mixtapes.

To Wrap-Up:

We have listed some of the best, and currently functioning websites from where you can download albums (and individual songs), for free. However, a few other sites worth checking out are BeeMP3, MP3int, MP3Raid, Ghaneli (for Arabic music), and SongsPK (for Hindi music). Keep visiting our blog Dreamy Tricks to get more updates on similar topics.

Its important to bear in mind that many of the sites listed above are legal. This means that all the music you get on the site is categorized under public domain, and hence, free of copyright restrictions. Therefore, you may not always find tracks from big record labels or popular artists. But, if you’re okay with exploring new tunes and wish to help new, talented musicians, do have a look and let us know how you like the experience.

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