25 Most Bizarre Websites You Haven’t Seen


The internet is a large place with tons of useful websites. But what makes it truly interesting is the number of bizarre pages. Here are 25 of the best.

Sure, there are other websites you haven’t heard about. They vary between being useful to being fascinating. But what we want are pages that crank up the weird-but-cool factor.

cool weird websites - the collective unconscious

In an article about weird, bizarre and useless sites, here is a website that tracks just how much time has been wasted on it. You can see the total time wasted by everyone who ever visited it, as well as your personal contribution to the cause of being unconscious and unproductive on the internet.

cool weird websites - weird or confusing

Whether you know it or not, there are some weird things eBay won’t let you sell. But what’s actually surprising is the number of even more bizarre items you’ll find on eBay. Weird or Confusing is a StumbleUpon for the craziest items on the public’s online marketplace.

cool weird websites - channel surfer club

This is a cool web experiment. The site has a single video, which anyone can post. Link any YouTube video and its updated in real-time for anyone who visits the site. If someone else changes the video, everyone gets to watch that. Basically, you “change the channel” for everyone. Nothing like some hand-curated video recommendations, right?

cool weird websites - lone comment

Like the Channel Surfer club, this site lets you add one comment that everyone who visits the site has to see. But this time, to add or change a comment, you need to pay money. How much? More than whatever the last person paid. So if you have something important to say, raise the price. Free speech isn’t always free…

cool weird websites - paper toilet

When you woke up today, you wouldn’t have believed the guy who told you that your favorite thing in the next 24 hours is going to be a virtual roll of toilet paper. But that’s what I’m telling you. So tell me if I’m wrong. (And use this on your phone, it’s better with a touchscreen.)

cool weird websites - wilhelm scream

Click to listen to the Wilhelm Scream, a sound you have heard many, many times before. It’s an audio clip of a man screaming in pain, which has been used in 372 movies and countless TV series. Naturally, the internet had to make a web page dedicated to it.

cool weird websites - gravity points

Gravity is a cool scientific law. But what’s even cooler is to play around with that law. In this little online experiment, you can add gravity points at different parts of the screen. And then you can increase or decrease the number of particles on screen to see how they interact with those gravity points. You’ll never get tired of this one.

cool weird websites - my animal weight

How many ants would it take to make up your current weight? What fraction of an elephant are you? If such mysteries of the universe keep you up at night, My Animal Weight is ready to answer them for you.

cool weird websites - feeling unlucky

Google’s famous “Feeling Lucky” button took you directly to the first search result for any query, without ever loading the page. This is literally the opposite, as it takes you to the last search result for any query. Practical? No. Weirdly cool? Yes, yes, a googol times yes.

cool weird websites - DJ Trump

Oh, the things you can do with technology today. DJ Trump lets you create a video of President Trump saying anything by mashing up various speeches. Write what you want to hear from the President’s mouth, and you will get a clip in minutes. And there are a few unflattering variants of his speech too. Rapper Trump is the best!

cool weird websites - eel slap

Hopefully, you know the famous Monty Python fish-slapping dance. Now you can participate in the fun. The dance is up to you, but a swipe of your mouse will let you slap this innocent man in the face with an eel. Yay!

cool weird websites - will robots take my job?

The industrial revolution changed the job market like never before. The AI revolution is threatening to do the same today. So here’s a site to find out if a robot will take your job, and when. You’ll get risk level, projected growth, and median salary to decide how secure your future is. It’s a serious discussion, but this isn’t a serious site, so take those projections with a pinch of salt.

cool weird websites - patience is a virtue

Test your zen-like state of mind with the greatest troll website ever created.

cool weird websites - pay for nothing club

Every day, the price of the Pay For Nothing club increases by one cent. If you want to be part of the club, acting now is better than acting later. And what do you get in return? Nothing. That’s right, nothing except your name in the club. You need to go and see how many people have already paid for membership.

cool weird websites - grumpy website

Got a tech-related pet peeve you need to get off your chest? Grumpy Website is the place to do it. Or to read about frustrations of other curmudgeons who want to gripe about their software or hardware. It’s the kind of tech reportage you won’t find.

cool weird websites - he-man sings

Crank up the volume before you open this tab. The Master of the Universe himself is ready to entertain you with the greatest music video in all the lands. Watch He-Man and his friends and enemies belt out a cover of “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. A must-see for anyone who grew up on the classic cartoon.

cool weird websites - falling falling

Watch an endless stream of the screen collapsing in several different colors. It’s mesmerizing. It’s psychedelic. It’s far out, man. And there’s this perfectly thematic background score to go with it. Falling Falling is one of the most hilariously random websites you’ll see.

cool weird websites - zoom quilt

Another trippy site, Zoom Quilt keeps zooming in on the center of an image. And then you discover there’s more to that image. And then even more. It’s an endless zoom of cool art with different styles. Think of it as what Escher would make if he knew how to add a zoom function to his concoctions.

cool weird websites - gifcities

Travel back in time to the world of weird Geocities websites with this little gem from the Internet Archive. It collects all those tacky and weird GIFs from pages on Geocities and puts them out there for you to browse or search. Geocities is dead, long live Gifcities!

cool weird websites - click to remove

Do what the title says. Then do it again and again until you win. But the question is, can you really win?

cool weird websites - is that an i or an l?

On a digital screen, a capital “I” and a small “L” usually look like the same thing. So what are you looking at? This incredible website will use complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to solve this perplexing problem for you. Finally, a solution!

cool weird websites - street motive

The internet is weird because we are weird people in the first place. The proof of that lies in the various strange names we have given to streets across the world. Street Motive will show you all these crazy roads on Google Maps. This is truly the worst (and best) of Google Maps.


cool weird websites - fidget spinner online

Fidget spinners are some of the best toys for adults to relieve stress . And as the craze took off, someone decided we needed a virtual fidget spinner on the internet. I feel a little embarrassed to admit it’s really well made and I actually like this. Take it for a spin.

cool weird websites - you are in a forest

If you enjoy text adventure games, you’re in for a treat. You Are In A Forest is one of the weirdest but greatest interactive websites you will see. It’s also an incredible puzzle game to boot. If you can figure it out…

cool weird websites - internet live stats

Finally, let’s end our love affair with the internet’s whacky side by letting it look in the mirror. Internet Live Stats shows you a whole bunch of statistics, like the number of websites that exist right now, the number of Google searches run today, and even the number of sites hacked today. It’s weirdly fascinating.

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