5 Reasons Why Statusbrew is Best Social Media Management Tool?


Social Media Management is not an easy job to perform, especially for bloggers who are always busy thinking and writing new posts. If you are a blogger, so you would feel familiar that sometimes it become hard to even share your best performing content on various social media channels. However, various social media management tools have proved quite efficient in managing social media platforms and deriving traffic and conversion.

There are numerous social media management tools available online which makes it hugely difficult to choose the best social media management tool for effective social media management.

Therefore, if you are also in a fix that which is the best social media management tool to buy in 2018? Then, you have landed on the right page.

Being a tech blogger, I have used several social media management tools. And today, I would talk about Statusbrew which I have been using for some time. Moreover, I would discuss the six reasons which make Statusbrew one of the best social media management tool.

Manage Multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Accounts: Suppose, if you have multiple Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts and you are looking for a tool that gives you access to create, manage and schedule a post on different accounts, then you should choose Statusbrew.  The best thing about this tool is that you can use it for free as well. This tool is available in three plans Free, Essential and Team and Businesses.

Free Plan: In this plan, you can have access to 1 profile per network.

Essential Plan: In this plan, you can have 10 total profiles on different social media platforms. You can create and publish unlimited posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. This plan will cost you around $20 per unit. There are more features available in this plan to read more about it click here.

Team and Business Plan: This plan is specially designed for companies who have multiple people managing social media channels. You can add total 10 profiles on different platforms and also add team members and create a group. This plan is available for $40 on monthly basis.

Create Category to schedule your best performing post: Statusbrew has a feature called category that helps you to schedule your best performing post according to different time zone. It is a great feature because you can find the best time when your posts are performing well and create a category and schedule your posts on different social media platforms.

Similar to the category feature, there is another great feature available in this app which is called content recycler. With help of this feature, you can create a recycler that will repeatedly post your best performing posts.

Use it Everywhere with Apps, Extensions, and Extras:  Statusbrew offers extensions and extras that will allow you to use Statusbrew in a variety of different places online. Start by installing the Buffer extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Once you have installed one of these extensions, you will get a convenient button to use to add updates to your Statusbrew at the top of your browser.

Grow your audience on Twitter: Statusbrew has some great features for Twitter which other apps can’t able to provide. The audience segmentation feature gives you the ability to follow, unfollow people on Twitter using various filters. Suppose, if you want to follow only those people who have greater than five hundred followers or tweet in an hour you can do this all using filter option.

You can also grow your audience on Twitter using keywords and search queries. It is a great feature that helps you to follow influencers in your field.

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