How Do Quad Cameras Works?

Since the start of technology, it has advanced a lot. earlier computers used to take around 15 min to start but now we have supercomputers which start in seconds. We started with the keypad phones and now we are heading towards touchscreen phones and may see many advancements in the future generation. Along with these, there has been an evolution of cameras too. Earlier we used to have 2mp cameras. But now even phones are coming with more than 100 mp. But have you ever wondered that why do phones have quad cameras (4 cameras)? All 4 cameras have their own properties. They all combine and give you the best picture. So, let’s get started with why do phones have 4 cameras? we will be going through the properties of all 4 cameras.

quad camera

Why do phones have Quad cameras?

List of the cameras:-

  1. Ultra-wide camera
  2. Telephoto camera
  3. Main camera
  4. Depth camera

They all have a differen properites of their work. so lets check them out.

Ultra-wide camera

It has properties of 8MP, F2.4, 120*. This is the first camera from the top you will see. This camera is used for ultra-wide photos. Ultra-wide photos are the photos where the camera can capture area in less space. This camera can be used while taking a group photo or a landscape.

Telephoto camera

It has properties of 10MP, F2.4, 2x optical zoom. This is the second camera you will see named Telephoto camera. This camera does the work of the Telephoto lens. This camera has the ability to zoom 2x more efficiently. There the zoom can vary according to the product. Basically, this camera is used for zooming purposes.

Main camera

It has properties of 24MP, F1.7, Clear and bright. Now, this is the camera you will find after telephoto cameras. This is called the main camera as this is the camera which collabs with other 3 cameras to give you the best shot. This is the one that clicks pictures and records videos. It works with the other 3 cameras together.

Depth camera

It has properties of 5MP, F2.2, Live focus. This is the last camera you get to see in the quad-camera. When the camera gets blurry and you have to give focus on a specific area then these are the cameras that come into use. It helps to give you the live focus. It has another property which helps to take depth pictures. These are the ultra macro pictures you take. This camera works when placed 4m to 5m from an object. Otherwise, it will give you blurry pictures.

These are the 4 cameras that come into use while taking a picture from the phone. The properties of the camera listed above may vary according to the price of the product. In the future, we may see some new technology. We can get to see 5 to 6 or even more cameras in a phone, who knows?

So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope you must have understood the properties and usage of the Quad camera. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on the news article and trending things. Till the time STAY, SAFE ABD STAY AT HOME.

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