Facebook Adds Auto-Play Video Ads to Messenger App


If you use Facebook Messenger, your message inbox may look a bit different soon. On Monday Facebook started to insert auto-play video ads into Messenger for some users.

The video ads will appear in your Messenger inbox between the messages and will start playing as you scroll through your messages. Facebook is rolling out this change slowly and in the beginning only a small group of people who use Messenger will see the video ads.

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Quartz first reported on this change to Facebook Messenger earlier this week. According to a statement provided to Quartz, Facebook stated: âœWe will be rolling out video ads gradually and thoughtfully. People that use Messenger each month are our top priority and they will remain in control of their experience.â

How much control will you have over the video ads you see in Messenger? Not complete control. As with the ads you see in your Facebook News Feed, you can tap the three dots above the video ad to control what you see. Facebook lets you choose from the following options:

  • Hiding that particular ad
  • Reporting the ad as offensive or inappropriate
  • Why am I seeing this? to adjust your ad preferences.


Note that because the video ads will auto-play, these ads will be using up your monthly data allotment, if you are on a mobile device and not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Be sure to press Pause to stop these ads from playing if you are on a limited data plan or traveling internationally while using data. <=

Facebook seems unsure about usersâ™ reactions to seeing video ads in Messenger. Recode reached out to Facebook for comment and received a statement from Stefanos Loukakos, head of Facebook Messenger advertising: âœTop priority for us is user experience. So we donâ™t know yet [if these will work]. However, signs until now, when we tested basic ads, didnâ™t show any changes with how people used the platform or how many messages they send.â

âœVideo might be a bit different, but we donâ™t believe so.â Learn more at RecodeNow Facebook is putting autoplay video ads inside Messenger

Facebook first started inserting ads into Messenger in July of 2017. Earlier this year, Facebook also began to show short ads at the beginning of videos people post on their accounts, similar to advertisements on YouTube videos.


Will seeing auto-play video ads among messages in Facebook Messenger bother you? Will you be less likely to use Facebook Messenger because of these video ads?

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Your Thoughts

What do you think of auto-play video ads appearing in Facebook Messenger? Would they make you less likely to use Facebook Messenger and more likely to switch to a different messaging service? Would you be more or less likely to use a product or service because it had a video ad in Facebook Messenger?

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