Germ-Zapping Robots Employed By Schools To Prevent Disease From Spreading


The vicious flu season is coming to an end but public schools in Oklahoma are not taking any chances as they employ germ-zapping robots to make the classrooms germ-free. The robot is lent to Moore Public Schools by the Norman Regional Health System.

Some of these germ-zapping robots were purchased by Norman Regional at $125,000 each around two years ago and now they are lending them to local schools in order to stop the infectious diseases from spreading. This is not surprising and Moore Public Schools already employe robots to clean their buildings.

(Source: Daily Mail)

The schools are doused with a chlorine mist by machines and lend a helping hand to the cleaning staff charged with keeping the schools clean that are reporting high rates of absences due to sickness. However, the germ-zapping robots from Norman Regional are there to take things one step further.

School Superintendent Robert Romines explained to News OK: “Anything that it can contribute to killing germs at the sites we’re using it is beneficial.” Norman Regional has started an outreach program allowing multiple school districts in Oklahoma to borrow the machinery.

(Source: Daily Mail)

The robots are normally used to clean patient rooms and public bathrooms in Norman Regional building and their goal is to reduce the spread of infections. These robots are made by Xenex Disinfection Services. Xenex spokeswoman Melinda Hart told News OK: “The germs and microorganisms have no resistance because they’ve never seen anything like it.”

Norman Regional guessed that the robots saved the health system $250,000 by reducing infections during the first year the machines were used at company buildings. Norman Regional environmental services director Clyde Brawner told News OK: “We have seen the difference that they have made. It’s a program that, if you implemented it correctly, you can see results in days.”

(Source: Daily Mail)

Other facilities have also reported that these robots have saved them thousands of dollars. According to Xenex, these robots last for three years but you don’t have to worry as the replacements are free.

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