Good-Bye StumbleUpon, Hello Mix


Sad news for fans of StumbleUpon. The site that engrossed many fans and led to hours of time wasted  spent discovering interesting, quirky and unusual sites on the Internet is closing on June 30.

Why StumbleUpon Will Be Missed by Many

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StumbleUpon was a site that let you “stumble†through sites on topics of interest to you. Sign up for an account, let StumbleUpon know what you want to discover, then hit the Stumble button.

Fun, funky and fascinating websites would appear, letting you discover sites you may never have found on your own.  You never knew what you’d discover when you hit the Stumble button.

That thrill of discovery made the Stumble button quite addictive. If you didn’t press it just one more time you may have missed out on the one website on the Internet that could truly change your life!

Or you may have seen cute kitten photos or stupid human tricks videos or amazing photos of nature. As interesting as those might be a few times, they may grow old after a while.

With a Stumble button on your internet browser toolbar, you could share your favorite websites on StumbleUpon so others could stumble upon them. Sharing buttons for StumbleUpon on websites (such as The Wonder of Tech) made sharing your favorite sites easier.

StumbleUpon was a very successful site, with over 40 million users stumbling over 60 billion times. But according to Shareaholic, a social media sharing service, sharing to StumbleUpon from websites declined by 43% between 2016 and 2017.

StumbleUpon Shutting Down

A few weeks ago the founder of StumbleUpon, Garrett Camp, announced that he would be shuttering StumbleUpon to focus on his new website Mix. Instead of revamping StumbleUpon, he decided to start a new website called Mix to help people discover interesting websites.  See => Medium, SU is moving to Mix.

StumbleUpon will still be around until the end of this month. So if you’re a big fan, head to the site and keep clicking that Stumble button while you still can.

Hello Mix

Mix is similar to StumbleUpon in that you can find little-known websites on topics of interest to you. The format of the site is quite different though.

Unlike StumbleUpon, the thrill of discovery when pressing the Stumble button is gone. Simply scrolling down the page on Mix doesn’t seem quite as addictive as stumbling.

Instead of being presented with a screen filled with a stumbled website, users of Mix see a screen filled with panels. Each panel has an image and link to an article, along with the topic it covers.

The site looks similar to Pinterest in the images that look like pins on the home page. Unlike Pinterest, each image on Mix links to an article.

The photos may draw you into Mix, as you scroll down and click on the articles that interest you. You can find an endless supply of articles to discover on topics that you enjoy.

Getting Started with Mix

Users of StumbleUpon can import their interests, stumbles and account to Mix by going to and signing in with their StumbleUpon account user name and password. Or you can start fresh with Mix and create a new account.

After you either transfer your account or sign up for a new one, you can choose which topics you want to discover on Mix.

With the Mix Chrome Extension and Mix Firefox Add-On you can add your favorite sites to Mix. Mix buttons are not available yet for websites so get the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on if you want to add sites to Mix easily.

Mix is also available as an app for iPhone/iPad and Android.

At the top of the Mix website screen are links to the different sections: For You, Explore and Profile.

The For You section shows articles on topics you have registered an interest in.

Mix also lets you create Collections of your favorite articles. Press the Plus button on an article in the For You section to create, or add to, a Collection. You’ll see others’ Collections appear as circles.

The Explore section shows you popular articles and Collections.

Visit the Profile section to adjust the settings to your account. There is also a Help section you can access by clicking on the Blue icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Your Thoughts

Were you a fan of StumbleUpon? Will you miss hitting the Stumble button? Will you be giving Mix a try?

Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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