Google’s Phone App Will Help You to avoid Hate Spam Calls


If you're a fan of spam calls, move along, there's nothing to see here.

But if you'd prefer spam calls didn't even exist, you may quickly become a fan of Google's updated Phone app.

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Imagine being blissfully unaware that you get spam calls. In the latest update to Google's Phone app for Android, spam calls can be blocked so you don't even know they are happening. The update adds a Spam Call filter setting that tells the Phone app to send spam calls directly to voice mail.

When you activate the Spam Call filter in Settings, spam calls will go directly to voice mail. When you receive a call from a caller that has been identified as a spam caller, your phone will not ring nor will you receive a notification that you have a missed call. You will be able to see spam calls that you receive in the Missed Calls section of the app.

The spam call will be sent directly to voice mail without your phone ringing first. If the spam caller leaves a voice mail message, a notification of the voice mail will not appear on your phone. You can listen to the message in voice mail or just delete it without listening to it.

Phones running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later should update Google's Phone app to take advantage of the Spam Call filter. You can get the update to Google's Phone app at the Play Store: Phone app by Google.

If your Android phone does not come with Google's Phone app, you can download the Phone app from the Play Store and set the app to be your default phone app. This way you can get the Spam Call filter feature to block spam calls from ringing on your phone.

(Note that some models of Android phones may be unable to download the latest version of Google's phone app.)

Activating the Spam Call Filter in Google's Phone App

The Spam Call filter can be activated in the Settings section of the Phone app. After you have downloaded or updated the Google Phone app, open the app and tap the three stacked dots in the top right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear.

Tap Settings => Caller ID & Spam. Turn on Caller ID & Spam. Then turn on Filter suspected spam calls.

Reporting Spam Calls in Google's Phone App

Google's Phone app filters known spam callers, but some spam callers that are unknown to Google may slip through the filter. You can report spam callers to Google to help improve the Phone app Spam Call filter.

To report a spam caller to Google, open the Phone app. Tap the clock icon to go to Recent Calls. You'll see a list of recent callers. Tap the number you'd like to report as spam. Tap Block/report spam. You'll be asked to confirm that you wish to block the number. You should also see the option to Report Call As Spam.

Tap Report Call As Spam to alert Google that the number is from a spam caller. Your report can help to improve the app and block the caller for others using the Spam Call filter.

Learn more about the Spam call filter and reporting spam callers at the Google Phone app support page.

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Do you like the idea of a spam call filter that totally blocks spam calls from ringing on your phone? Will you use this filter to be blissfully unaware that a spam caller tried to call you? What steps do you take to avoid spam calls on your phone?

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