How Do Antivirus Works?

You must have heard the word virus. It is a malicious software which comes into computer or phones without the user’s knowledge. We will be also going through the different types of viruses. But the main point for today is how does antivirus works to kill the virus. So let’s get started with How does Antivirus works.


What is an antivirus?

A virus is malicious software that comes into existence on a pc or a phone. The virus can be transferred through any file, photo, or software and the user may not be aware of this. The virus may affect a targeted file or may even crash your device. There to get rid of this antiviruses were created to defend your device from these viruses.

How do an antivirus works?

Do you know first the antivirus was created? Due to its less popularity, no one knows about it. THen the virus was created to slow down the machine. There then the antivirus came its existence. Antivirus scans the files comparing specific bits of codes against information in its database. if it finds a pattern duplicating one in the database, it is considered a virus. and that particular file will be deleted.

How Antivirus Detects Threats?

SIGNATURE DETECTION: This is the method by which antivirus sharply scans files that are in the system. With signature-based detection, antivirus products are able to scan a computer for the footprints of known malware.

Here are some of the methods of virus detection which an antivirus use to protect our computer.

  • Heuristic Based Detection: This type of detection uses an algorithm to compare the identification of known viruses against potential threats.
  • Behavior-Based Detection: This is a very useful method to find threats that attempt to steal log information.
  • Virus Definitions: These programs look for signatures to detect new malware.
  • Data Mining: It helps to detect malware which the securities provider company added recently.
  • Sandbox Detection: It runs the program in a virtual environment and records the performance which identifies whether the programs are malicious or not.

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Types Of Scans Which Antivirus Use :

  1. Real-Time Protection: When a USB drive is inserted or a downloaded file executed then this type of method should be used.
  2. On-Demand Scan: It Runs only when the user demands to scan his computer.
  3. Smart Scan: It only scans the selected files which are pretending or seen suspicious to be infected.
  4. Background Guard: It basically monitors the system for any suspicious activity in real-time.

Therefore to stay safe from the virus you must have to have a premium antivirus. All these free and one trial antivirus are just useless. they do nothing. Even if you have an antivirus, keep it up to the date.

So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope you must have understood that how does antivirus works on a device. It compares specific bits of code. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get upddets on a new article and trending things. Till the time STAY SAFE AND STAY AT HOME.

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