How To Beware Of Fake Products Online?

In today’s generation, most people like to shop for their products online instead of going outside. This is because it’s easy to shop on the online platform and you get to see many varieties and variants of the same product in a limited period of time. But, many scammers have taken their way out to scam people even on online platforms. There are many innocent people around the world who get into their traps. But, today we will be telling you how to identify fake products online?

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There are many types of scams that are held online. Scammers every day comes up with new and innovative ideas to scam innocent people. This is a list of different scams that are held online:-

  • online shopping theft
  • phishing
  • identity theft
  • lottery fraud
  • tax scam
  • credit card points scam

You must have done online shopping many times. Now you can easily identify which product is real or fake. Sometimes buying the wrong product may give you a 3rd level product. So. today we will see some tips on how to identify fake products.




Always check data before buying. Now, what are the details you have t go through? Before buying always check the domain name of the website. it may be a fake website looking original. check whether the title, description, and image provide are relevant. If they don’t match or seems to be irrelevant then don’t buy a product from that website.


Check whether the product has a minimum of 15 – 20 reviews. Don’t trust all the reviews because many of them are done by their friends and families just to scam people. Only check the review with the tag of ‘ verified purchases ‘ as shown below in the image. See the reviews of all the people ranging from 1 star to 5-star rating.



Take the time to verify sellers, do check other products which are being sold by him. Also, check about the user’s complaints or multiple occurrences of bad products. If there are any red flags then contact the seller for more information and images. If they refuse to give then better don’t buy the product.

Also, check the comments section of the product. many of the users may have complained about the product. But there is a chance when the seller of the product interacts with the users and tries to help them out. You can even ask the people who have earlier or recently bought the product. Always record or take images to keep as proof while the payment process for future reference. No one knows what may happen earlier.

So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope you must have understood that how can we differentiate between a real and a fake product. Just beware of scammers and before buying any product online do ask your friends and families. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on technology and trending things. Till the time STAY SAFE & STAY AT HOME.

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