How to Check the Warranty Status of Any Apple Device


While you hopefully never have to take advantage of it, your device’s warranty can save you hundreds of dollars on a new one if something happens to it. Even on premium Apple devices, hardware can fail and render your computer or phone useless.

When your iPhone, Mac, or other Apple product suddenly stops working, you should check the warranty status right away to see if Apple will take care of it. Here’s how to use Apple’s website to check the warranty of your device.

How to Check the Warranty Status of Any Apple Device

  1. Head to Apple’s Check Coverage website.
  2. Enter your device’s serial number. You can find this in the following places:
    For iPhone/iPad: Visit Settings > General > About and find Serial Number.
    For Mac: Head to Apple Logo > About This Mac to find Serial Number.
  3. Complete the CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a robot.
  4. You’ll see four parts to your warranty status:Eligible for an AppleCare product: This lets you know if you’re still eligible to purchase AppleCare+ for the device.
    Valid Purchase Date: This confirms that Apple has the day you bought the device on record, which you may need when contacting it for help.
    Telephone Technical Support: When you buy a new Apple product, you get 90 days of assistance via phone. This tells you if that’s still valid.
    Repairs and Service Coverage: This is the main warranty, and lets you know how long your device is covered for repairs.

Note that this warranty covers your device for one year. However, it doesn’t include accidental damage like cracking the screen or dropping it in water. You’ll need to purchase AppleCare+ for that, which provides an extra year of warranty and accidental damage coverage.

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