Why Your Downloading Speed Is Less And How To Increase It By 2 Times?

So guys today we are going to learn how to increase the speed of downloading. All you download different stuff from the internet but faces issues of slow speed. But today we have come up with a trick which will help you to increase your internet speed and hence your download speed will increase automatically. These are some of the basic and advanced tricks you will be going through.

SPEED: Telecom companies advertise that you will get an internet speed of 16Mbps.But when you download a file, you get a speed of only 2Mbps.

Bits & Bytes: Internet speed is measured in 2 units that most people don’t know MBps and Mbps. The value of 1b (bits) & 1B (bytes) is given below. This means that 16Mbps is equal to 2MBps.

  • 8 bits = 1Byte
  • 16Mbps = 2MBps

Reason: Telecom companies use smaller unit Mbps for advertising users. And when you use the internet, the speed gets divided by 8 because we measure speed in bigger unit MBps.


Step 1

  • Go to chrome

You can do this on both Mobile and PC

  • In the Address Bar Type CHROME://FLAGS

Step 2

  • Type Parallel Downloading in the search bar

Step 3

  • Now Enable the Parallel Downloading
  • Relaunch the Chrome Browser
  • Now all the Files will be Downloaded in half the time

This Chrome Flag Accelerates Download Speed by Breaking the Files into Smaller chunks.


You can also lower down the use of the CPU so that your internet gets more speed. Therefore to do that you can do the following thingsā€¦.

Step 1
Press windows+R. Then a search bar will open

Step 2
Now type “%temp%”, and press enter

Step 3
Now you will be redirected to a new folder. Just delete everything in that folder, and close it

Step 4
Then again repeat the 1st step

Step 5
Now type “temp” and again delete everything on that folder as it’s of no use.

Some of the basic things you can go for a good download speed are

  1. Disable app’s that aren’t being used
  2. Change the location of your router
  3. Use an ethernet cable
  4. Upgrade your cable
  5. Scan for viruses
  6. Limit your bandwidth usage
  7. Clear your cache
  8. Update firmware
  9. Restart your computer
  10. Use a fast VPN

Hidden Tricks To Increase Your Internet Speed :


  • Open the cmd again as administrator
  • Type, netsh interface tcp show global
  • If you do not see Receive Window Autotuning level as ‘Normal’ as shown below
  • then run the following command: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
command prompt


Flushdns to speed up internet using cmd

  • Open up a command prompt as administrator
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter and then close cmd.

Initially you will experience a slower connection but soon experience faster loading of the websites in your browser.


So guys this is the end of the article. I hope you must have know known how to increase the speed of your internet. These were some of the tips through which your internet will gain speed. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated about technology. Till the tike be safe and stay at home.

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