How To Make Money By Playing Games?

Hello guys you might play many games in your everyday life. You might also be pro or be it a noob in some games too. But what do you get by playing these games. Its just the enjoyment. But what if i tell you that you can even earn money by playing games too. Yes, you heard it right you can earn a lot of money by playing your favourite game. Be it on pc or a mobile phone. So, without wasting more time lest us get started with Earn Money By Playing Games.

There are many games you can find on play store or apple store. Many of the games have now started with E-sports. But many of the underdogs players or teams dont get chance to win or are not able to qualify for these tournaments. This is because all the top class player take these wins and quality for these kind of E-sports tournament.

But there are many other ways from where you can earn money by playing these games.


There are many other apps which pays money for playing a lot of games. So we wil be listing some of the apps today. Though they dont give a huge amount but still you can earn money by playing here.

Apps which pays you for playing are

3.Dream 11

There are tons of other apps which do pay. But these are soke of the most popular among the generation. The games are played at a particular time and you have to register before the time. You also have to arrive in the game room before time or else you will be disqualified. The games from which you can earn from from these apps are:

  1. Free Fire
  2. Pubg
  3. Clash Royale
  4. Cricket
  5. Clash of Clans
  6. Call of Duty


You might know about this app if you are a true gamer. This is the place where all the gamers assemble be it a pro or a noob. There are tons of server on Discord of different youtubers, groups or any organisation.

People do keep various tournaments for many of the games be it a pc or mobile game. Soke of the popular games which are mostly played amoung these seevers are:

  1. Valorant
  2. BGMI
  3. Brawl Stars

Even if you dont win in these tournaments you can also improve you game here as you caj find many of the top class players among these server. So, you can participate to practice and improve your game.

So, guys this is the end of the article i hope you must have got information on how you can earn money by playing games on mobile or pc. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on our new article and trending topics. Till the time STAY SAFE and stay at home.

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