How to Organize Apps in Apple Watch’s Dock


The Dock makes apps switching on Apple Watch plain sailing as you can easily jump from one recently used app to another. Though it makes navigation between the most recently opened apps dead simple, launching a particular app that you have used for some time is a bit of inconvenient. watchOS 4 or later offers a better way to organize apps in Apple Watch's Dock by Recents or Favorites.

watchOS 4 allows you to customize item Ordering in the Dock between showing your most recently used apps and your favorite apps. Let me show you how it's done!

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How To Organize Apps In Your Apple Watch's Dock By Recents Or Favorites

Step #1. Launch Watch app on your paired iPhone and then select My Watch tab at the bottom.

Launch Watch app on iPhone and then select My Watch tab

Step #2. Now, tap on Dock. Then, you need to select your preferred Dock arrangement located under Dock Ordering heading.

Tap on Dock and Select Preferred Apple Watch Dock Arrangement

  • Recents – When selected, it allows Dock to display up to 10 recently opened apps.
  • Favorites – It makes the Dock show only your favorite apps.

In case you have chosen fewer than 10 apps for the Favorites view, the dock will show up all of your favorites and a shortcut at the top of the list to let you quickly access the most recently opened app.

To rearrange apps in Favorites view, tap on the Edit button at the top right corner. Then, to add an app, just tap on the plus button to the left of it.

Tap on Edit and Tap on Plus button To rearrange app in Favorites view in Apple Watch Dock

To remove an app, tap on the red “-” button to the left of it.

Tap on Red Button to Remove App in Apple Watch Dock

To reorder apps, simply touch and hold on the three horizontal lines on the far right of an app and drag it to the preferred place. In the end, make sure to tap on Done to confirm.

Touch and hold on the three horizontal lines to reorder app in Apple Watch Dock

A Favorites view comprising fewer than 10 apps also lets you include the most recently opened app in the Dock.

There is also an option to add the Now Playing screen as a shortcut in the Favorites view.

Play a song on your iPhone and then bring up the Dock on your watch (simply press the side button). Navigate to the top and select Keep in Dock button located below Now Playing tile.

If the most recently opened app is not included in your favorites, navigate to the top of the Dock and hit the Keep in Dock option.

That's pretty much it!

Over to you!

How has been your journey so far with watchOS 4? And, which are the new features you expect in the next version of the watchOS.

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