How to Schedule Posts in Facebook 2018?


What youre seeing with the Facebook Stories is something related to how Facebook has been working to more tightly integrate the Facebook and Instagram experience; The company has already been doing very well promoting Instagram Stories, so why not do so within the Facebook world too? And so, Facebook Stories.

Lets just jump in and look at whats changed, shall we? If youre poised to post on a business page, heres what youll now see:

Its really quite complicated, so I wont be surprised if its redesigned yet again to be simpler. For now, however, thats what youll be working with. The two main choices are News Feed and Your Pages Story. The former is what youre used to doing and the latter is akin to Instagram Stories and is worth trying out to see how it works.

Ill proceed by typing in a status update with a URL and a few page links. At this interim point it will look like this:


Looks good. But click on the ¢¢¢ button (Ive highlighted it above) so you can see the bewildering variety of options now available:


Got it all figured out? ?

To schedule your post youll want to click on the Share Now option just below News Feed. Its a menu:


If youre thinking choose Schedule youre right! Choose Schedule and you can specify date and time for the news feed update to go live:


Choose your date and time, then click Schedule on the lower right to queue it up and¦ well¦ youre not quite done. Heres where youll end up:


Once more click. Click on Schedule Post and, finally, your updates in the queue for future publication. You can see that because the feedback should be something like this:

I have two scheduled now, as you can see. A click on See posts and you can change or delete them pre-publication too. And thats how it now works. For this week, at least.

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