How to Start a T-Shirt Business with Printify on WooCommerce


As a YouTube content creator with a fast-growing community, I’ve recently been thinking about opening up a merch shop to sell things like shirts, hoodies, hats and maybe a few other items. It only makes sense: selling these types of products is a great way to supplement ad, sponsorship and affiliate revenue for creators like myself.

So the timing for Printify to reach out and ask me to take a look at their new WooCommerce integration couldn’t have been better (more info here). If you’re unfamiliar with Printify, they’re a transparent print-on-demand provider network which lets you design and sell your own custom products. The best thing about Printify is that they handle production and fulfillment (so you don’t have to retain any inventory, which is awesome). If you’d like more info on connecting WooCommerce and Printify, check out the guide.

WooCommerce, which Printify now integrates with, is a highly customizable eCommerce platform for WordPress. That’s also great new for me because I’ve been blogging on WordPress since 2012 (that’s the platform this site is built on).

Here’s what James Berdigan, Printify’s CEO, has to say: “We see the WooCommmerce integration as a huge step forward. Currently more than 30% of the world’s eCommerce websites are powered by Woo, meaning that now 2 out of every 5 stores out there will be able to use Printify. We are excited to serve millions of stores and provide them best in class Print On Demand service. Together we will be able to print and ship millions of products.”

There are several reasons for me to get excited here starting with the fact that its free to use Printify (pay only for order production and shipping). And I also like the fact that it’s possible to access the best Print Providers and filter them by price, location and other options to find the best fit. But I think my favorite two Printify features are the huge catalog of 150+ unique products and the Mock-up Generator.

Let’s talk about that massive catalog first. I’m actually blown-away by how many products there are to choose from and the highly affordable price range. Custom adult tee shirts start at $4.48! Two popular shirts in the catalog are the Bella Canvas 3001 and the Next Level 3600; both of which look very cool (and it’s worth checking out Printify’s video product reviews of these products). I really love the huge selection of hoodies from light to heavy, from ultra-affordable to more premium and from those that zip to those that don’t. And that’s not to mention all the other product categories like custom phone cases (the HQ phone cases are big sellers), mugs, posters and much, much more.

The Mockup Generator is particularly interesting to me. I studied graphic design in college and it’s amazing to me that just about 10 years later you can do layouts in the browser super-easily like you can with Printify. The Mockup Generator is very slick and easy-to-use . Just click the “add your design” button, position it on the product, zoom and rotate to make sure it looks right from any angle and you’re good to go!

For print on demand merch sales (or even WooCommerce print on demand or Shopify App Store integration, more specifically) and for the best drop shipping supply chain management in the business, Printify deserves a hard look before you make a decision about who to go with.

Again, for me as a content creator and WordPress user Printify sounds like an outstanding, time and money-saving option.

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