How to Surf Internet Anonymously!

Many of you have come across various app and software which admits that you can surf them anonymously. This is the point where most of you get fooled. This is because apps do collect your information to run on a device, whether it is the phone book, camera, or your media.

Do you know many of us just give permission without reading the content they are asking for? Nowadays even calculators also ask for permission. Have you ever thought why? This is because the app is just spyware and trying to steal your personal information.

So today we are going to talk about how you can surf the internet anonymously and be safe on the internet. Everyone wants to live in their own personal space. Therefore they try to all be alone. The same happens on the internet. People try to get anonymous so that no one traces them. Be it anything like playing games or watching any show or movie. We just want privacy.


Hiding identity is the thing that everyone wants to go for. Hiding identity helps you to surf anonymously. No one will get to know what you are doing.

So how do we do that? Well thats quite simple and complicated too.


I am sure you must have heard of VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK and many of us already use it. This is basically a network that kind of changes your IP ADDRESS as per your country’s wishes. But you can even be traced by this as it changes IP only one time so yes you can be traced.

This is basically used for smaller things like watching some inappropriate content over the internet or just surfing an unsecured website.


Tor is basically referred to as an “Onionland” This is because of its use of Onion servers. It has a layer upon layer encryption. This makes it impossible to trace you out. The many hoops during entry and exit of the server make it protected to track or analyze a connection.

Tor is estimated to have an average of 200,000 users, which makes it trusted too. This is presently the most popular anonymous network. tor supports many languages and OS like windows, apple, and Linux too.

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I2P stands for Invisible Internet Project (I2P). Just like tor use onion routing, I2P has a connection of Garlic. While heading somewhere I2P sends packets (messages) in a bulk quantity through different nodes. Though it even creates one-way entry and exit. Which makes it more secure than the Tor browser.

Some more tips on how to be anonymous over the internet.

Use Signal
Use Tor
Be careful with what you post online
Zero-Knowledge Services
Check app Permissions
Adblocker is a must
Encrypted Email
Proxy server
HTTPS Everywhere

These are some of the small tips and tricks that can make you feel secure. Though in today’s world it’s impossible to stay anonymous. As there are many hackers and intruders who just jailbreak these security prompts and get through the servers.

So, if you wanted to be fully anonymous just stop using social media and stop touching your phone. You just have to be away from the technology and go and live in a cave. I know it’s not that simple. But that’s only the solution where you get 100% privacy.


All of them were created after seeing different situations. But if you ask me I would have gone for I2P. being more secured it’s more flexible too, But even though there is no better proxy system than tor. So the thing is you learn how to use them all and then try them in different situations as per your need.

So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope you must have understood that how can we stay anonymous over the internet. It is simple just use these things especially the three mentioned in bold points and your identity will be hidden. Though you will not get 100% privacy, you will get satisfied with that. Look it’s that easy. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on our new article and trending technology. Till the time STAY SAFE AND STAY AT HOME.

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