Huge Announcement Tomorrow From PUBG

All those Pubg players waiting for the release of Pubg mobile release. We have got you some good news for tomorrow. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates. So let’s get started with a Huge Announcement Tomorrow From PUBG.

Past Stories of PUBG

If we go back to the past. There have been various disputes between India and China for the border partition. This is the reason why PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Now you might be thinking that it was a border dispute then how come apps go banned? This is because from then India started boycotting Chinese products. Which even includes Chinese apps and tools. Hense more than 100 apps including Tik Tok was banned from India.

Therefore from the app, banned in India only PUBG is trying its best to get back into the Indian market again. This is because of the large audience they get from here. Since then they have been trying hard and offering various jobs in India for Pubg mobile India.


Huge Announcement Tomorrow From PUBG

Now you might be thinking about where to get this information relating to the release or some announcement from Pubg mobile India for tomorrow. So, recently Abhijeet Andhare aka ghatak gaming has recently uploaded an Instagram story and a tweet related to this.

In our recent post, we said that Pubg did upload some videos on its official Youtube page and then deleted them. Recently they have deleted all the posts other than the Pubg trailer on their official Instagram account, They have also changed the game name from Pubg India to battlegrounds India. So these are some of the strong hints that something may come out tomorrow. Though there is no official statement from the Pubg corp. related to some announcements for tomorrow. This is just a prediction that something may come up tomorrow related to Pubg mobile India It might be some trailer, teaser, or any information related to the game release.

So, guys stay tuned, we are waiting for this game to be launched for 8 months and yes we can wait for some more few days. So set a reminder and let the time go. We will be back tomorrow with some new updates on trending technology and some good news related to Pubg. Till the time STAY SAFE AND STAY AT HOME.

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