Mobile Games To Keep Eye On!

Hello friends today we are going to watch out some of the most awaited mobile games which are yet to be launched on mobile phones. Many of the games have gained a huge fame oj thier pc version so now they have decided to launch for android and Ios versions too.

Nowadays games have taken over the world. Each and every game is coming up with thier E- sports tournaments. Thorough which they are gaining a huge popularity. Who though that in future Clash of Clans will also hold E-sports, but they did it. There are many popular pc games which are planning to launch on mobiles phones some of the example are Pubg, Apex Legends, Valorant.

Games To Launch

  1. Pubg New State
  2. Battleground mobile India
  3. Valorant
  4. Apex Legends


Earlier pubg pc was not too popular bit still many players used to play it. It was a okish battleground game for pc. But later they though to launch the game for mobile phone. They launched Players Unknown Battlegrounds for Android and iOS versions.

After the lauch of the game it gained a huge popularity has gained a number oje rank for battlefield games amoung the mobile phones. After seeing this many companies too launched thier games like Call of Duty mobile and Gareena Free Fire.

Pubg started to do many big tournaments among the globe with such a huge collaboration. Which gained attention of many people towards them. After many updates they came PUBGM 1.0 update and decided to launch a new version game.

Pubg New State, this is the yet to be released game for Android and iOS versions. Though many teaser and updates have come from official pubg team. It is expected that the game will he in a futuristic format. The them will be taken from future. Lets hoe that we see more updates and news frok the officials for the confirm launch of the game.


Battleground mobile India which is another version of player’s unknown battleground is a game which is only made for Indian server.

This is because previous year due to some disputes on India and China border over 100+ apps were banned which were owned by chinies companies. Some of the apps like Pubg and TikTok were also banned. Therefore Pubg though of launching the game again for thier Indian users. But due to restrictions on pubg mobile they bought a new game name called Battleground mobile India.

The release date of the game is yet to be released but from sole leaks it is said theat the game may be relaed on 18th of june. Although almost after every 3 day we can see new post on Battlegrounds mobile India instagram. But in a post of BGMI it said that more than 20M pre-registeration has been done so far for the game on play store. They company is yet to announce the lauch date or pre-registration date for the iOS versions.


As of now for the release date for VALORANT Mobile, leaks suggest that it may come on Q3 of 2021. Based on the PC VALORANT Beta, we can assume the mobile version will release in phases for testing, and require registration. The beta version can be released for iOS or Android and the game will only be playable in some parts of the globe in its initial launch.

Valorant gained immence popularity after the lauch in just oke year. Being playable on pc they decided to lauch it for android too. They have officially said to launch the game for mobile version but there are no specific date related to lauch.


Apex legens is too a pc game has a hige fan base. They too decided to launch the gake for android and iOS versions. All the android users out there can see the veta version on play store.

People who have registered for the trial version can play the test version of the game. Thouch it is said that the game may take a lot of time to be fully launched ij play store. Till the tike lest wait for soke more official statement from the company for the release date.

So, guys this is the end of the article. I hope you must have got some information about the lauch date of some upcoming games. Though many are listed on playstore for pre-registeration and some will be soon seen on the play store. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on our new article and trending topics. Till the time STAY SAFE AND STAY IN HOME.

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