Playster Combo Box: Home Of Digital Entertainment


Boredom is something that everyone has experienced but that nobody enjoys. Whether you are on your way to work, travelling far or stuck indoors, boredom can easily creep up on you. Streaming entertainment is a great way to combat it and the Playster Combo is a great way to be entertained. Packaged in a sleek way with everything you need right inside, the Playster Combo Box comes with many cool features!

Playster Combo Box: Home Of Digital Entertainment

Robust And Independent

The 8â Android tablet included in the Playster Combo Box is powered by a quad-core cortex-A7 GPU and 2GB RAM. The screen quality is excellent and offers HD picture clarity and superb touch screen technology. It runs really smoothly, ensuring enough processing power to play games like Modern Combat 5 at 60 FPS (this game comes pre-installed on the tablet). The HDMI port is very helpful as you can easily plug the tablet into your TV and enjoy the ultimate gaming or movie experience on a bigger screen. It is also equipped with an additional 16GB of internal storage and an SD card slot. This means that you can store or download all of the movies, music, ebooks and audiobooks you want for total offline enjoyment. In addition, the Playster device is completely independent of the service and canserve as a normal Android tablet, too, which is an additional advantage.

Superior Quality Headphones

The Playster Combo Box comes with a pair of HD headphones, which offers a crisp, high-quality and stellar sound. The headphones are also high in comfort. They are comfortable over-ear headphones that can be folded up into the size of a tennis ball for easy storage and the noise-cancelling feature is worthy of appreciation. The cable is not too long, which means it doesn’t get tangled easily and thus lasts longer. With deep bass and crisp highs, this pair of headphones is definitely good. You can easily adjust what you’re listening to as well, as they are equipped with inline controls.

User-Friendly Services

For online entertainment purposes, Playster is quite on trend. Rather than forcing you to be satisfied with just one type of entertainment, Playster offers a myriad of entertainment options, all in one place. Users can very easily subscribe to this service and access it on all of their mobile devices. Packed with many amazing features, Playster offers music, movies, books, audiobooks and games and, on an overall basis, is really fantastic. The team at Playster is always working to offer its users the latest content and to reward loyal customers and make them happy.

Besides offering a wide array of content, Playster also offers its Combo Box for free to all 12-month members, which ensures a great all-around entertainment experience. Considering all the benefits, the money that you pay for a monthly subscription is seriously low (an all-inclusive membership is just $24.95 per month).

For more information, visit Playster’s official website (where you can also start a free 30-day trial), follow them on social media @PlaysterMedia or scroll through your Google Playstore or iTunes and download their app for free.

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