Pro Drybag 2.0 Is An Extreme Sports Backpack That is Waterproof Up To 50 Metres


The super-rugged series of backpacks and bags from Sweden’s Subtech Sports is the world’s most extreme bag series. The series has three bags:  a 45-litre backpack, a 100-litre bag and a 95-litre tote bag. These bags are waterproof down to 50 metres and can float, acting like a raft. The bags also have an inflatable shockproof liner for electronics.

Besides the extreme waterproof rating, these bags have air and waterproof zippers that have been pressure tested up to 7 psi. Polyurethane fabric with welded seams makes up the outside of the bag. This is the same material inflatable rafts are made from.

(Source: New Atlas)

The 45-litre version of the Pro Drybag comes with an additional inflatable inner liner system. This means providing a shock-proof environment to your electrics even if the bag is treated roughly. You can deflate the whole thing if you are not worried about the rough use and the storage jumps from 45 to 57 litres.

(Source: New Atlas)

The 100-litre Pro Drybag is most likely to be used as a backpack or a travel bag. It has an internal divider system that can help you keep things separate and helps with the packing. When not in use, the bag can fold up pretty flat. It has a weight of 2.48 kg including everything and if you take out the internal dividers, straps and waist belt, then it weighs half of that.

(Source: New Atlas)

The 95-litre tote bag is simply a 95-litre tote bag. It only weighs 620 grams and has an internal mesh pocket for keys, phones, and similar items. Subtech is targeting the extreme sports enthusiasts and is pitching it for wingsuit, kite surfing, freeride skiing types.

(Source: New Atlas)

However, it looks like a great option for anyone who likes to venture into the great outdoors. You can even take this camping or rafting. Nothing about it says that it can’t be used for normal tasks. The crowdfunding target at Indiegogo has already been met where pledges or a 45-litre Drybag start at US$279, the 100-litre Drybag at $349 and the 95-litre tote at $69. The bags will start their delivery in July if everything proceeds as planned.

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