Pubg Mobile India Back Soon

If you are a fan of Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG), then you must read this article for the recent updates and release dates-related topics. There have been many rumors that PUBG mobile India will be launched in December 2020. But at last, it didn’t. Months passed but no sign of release. So let us get started with When WIll Pubg Mobile India will Launch?


If we go back to the past. There have been various disputes between India and China for the border partition. This is the reason why PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Now you might be thinking that it was a border dispute then how come apps go banned? This is because from then India started boycotting Chinese products. Which even includes Chinese apps and tools. Hense more than 100 apps including Tik Tok was banned from India.

Therefore from the app, banned in India only PUBG is trying its best to get back into the Indian market again. This is because of the large audience they get from here. Since then they have been trying hard and offering various jobs in India for Pubg mobile India.


The latest update for the launch related to Pubg Mobile India is that recently on their Youtube channel there have been 3 videos uploaded. These videos were private after being published and then removed. Now the question is what was in those videos. Basically, these were split par of the original trailer of the previous videos. This is done purposely to increase its popularity or by mistake, no one knows.

There have been various job listings by Pubg company to hire employees for the company being set up in India. Even the employees have been hired long before. But still, there is no official from Pubg or any green signal from the government for the release.

Recently a famous gaming Youtuber known as Dynamo revealed the launch date. In his lie stream, he said that the game trailer will be launched on a two-digit date whereas the game will be launched on a single-digit date. Now no one knows how much of this is true.

So, guys, this sit the end of the article, I hope you must have got some information and hint about the launch of Pubg Mobile India. Though there are just rumors and no official statement from the company or the government. All we can do is just wait. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on trending things and technology. Till the time STAY SAFE AND STAY AT HOME.

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