Sengled Smart Lights: Pulse, Element and Twilight


I love my smart home. It’s convenient. I love being able to water my lawn, unlock doors, change the temperature and control the lighting from my iPhone. But you know what? Out of all those things, I think I enjoy my smart lights the best.

Over the last several years, smart lights have become an integral part of my life. I use them in my office, in my bedroom and especially in my studio. Sure, they turn on or off with the tap of a digital button (or even with my voice), but they do so much more.

I use smart lights to receive notifications, for instance, using apps like IFTTT and Stringify. I’ve got my desk lighting setup to turn red every time I upload a video to YouTube as well (just for fun). When I’m listening to music I sometimes like to have it flash and pulse to the beat. The lights in my bedroom dim on cue every night and in my studio I change the color temperature several times while filming to create the perfect visual atmosphere.

As a smart home and smart lighting enthusiast I’m very excited about Sengled’s range of “life bulbs” (see what they did there?). I’ve recently had the chance to check out three Sengled products: the Pulse, the Element and the Twilight. Each is very exciting in it’s own way, but they all have attractive pricing and some very unique features that help to set them apart from the crowd.

Let’s talk about the Pulse first because it’s definitely my favorite of the three. It’s an LED smart light married with a wireless speaker from JBL. The Pulse comes in three color options (white, silver and red).

What’s cool about the Pulse is that you can connect up to eight of them at once for truly immersive sound. The pack I tested came with two Pulse speakers which isn’t merely convenient; it’s downright awesome. Why? Because you can create a stereo sound effect — or a surround sound effect — by placing one on either side of you. This could work good at your desk or even in the living room when placed on either side of a couch.

The Element is also very cool. It’s billed as the world’s most affordable smart lighting system and it works with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, AT&T Digital Life and Stringify which makes it quite versatile. The Element bulbs provide wireless control, lighting on a schedule, CCT tuning, power statistics and dimmer compatibility.

Aside from the unique look of the bulbs themselves, I can really appreciate how eco-friendly the Element line is. For every Element purchase, Sengled will plant a tree which keeps this product completely carbon neutral.

If you’re an Alexa fan you’ll definitely love the ability to turn on or off any Element light in your home or office. Or, if you simply want to dim a group of lights by something like 50%, you can easily do that via voice command as well.

Finally, the Sengled Twilight LED bulb is a very affordable (and interesting bulb) with a special trick up it’s sleeve: it’s stays lit for 15 seconds after being turned off. This gives you the opportunity to exit a room without bumping into furniture in the dark. It’s especially great for bedrooms, bathrooms and kids’ rooms.

Whether you’re a smart home super-user like myself or a complete novice looking to get started, I certainly recommend checking into Sengled for your smart lighting.

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