Spyware on trend!!

Hello guys in previous article we saw the upcoming 5G network trials, which were going on in Mumbai. So today we are back again with a new article on trending topic related to virus. Recently you must have heard about the virus called pegasus.

Its a spyware which tracks every of the of the target phone. So, here are soke of the updates on Pegasus virus.

What is in the Pegasus project data?⁣

A successful Pegasus infection gives NSO customers access to all data stored on the device. An attack on a journalist could expose a reporter’s confidential sources as well as allowing NSO’s government client to read their chat messages, harvest their address book, listen to their calls, track their precise movements and even record their conversations by activating the device’s microphone.

Journalist got hacked

40 Indian journalists targeted by Pegasus spyware, their phones hacked

The leaked data includes the numbers of top journalists at big media houses like the Hindustan Times, including executive editor Shishir Gupta, India Today, Network18, The Hindu and Indian Express.

Among the journalists confirmed by analysis to have been hacked by Pegasus were Siddharth Varadarajan and Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, a co-founder and a reporter at the Indian news website the Wire. Thakurta was hacked in 2018

In addition to the UAE, detailed analysis of the data indicates that the governments of Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda and Saudi Arabia all selected journalists as possible surveillance targets.⁣

Data leak and forensics suggest NSO’s surveillance tool used against journalists at some of world’s top media companies⁣

Leaked list from Pegasus Database has

🔸40 Journalists
🔸3 Top Opposition leaders
🔸1 Constitutional authority
🔸2 Cabinet ministers in Modi Govt
🔸1 Supreme Court Justice
🔸Many Businessmen

After Pegasus, Hornbill and SunBird Spyware are in queue. Pegasus is targeting selected people but Hornbill and SunBird might be already on your phone.

So, how can a person stay safe from there malware and viruses?

Its kinds simple and i am sure you must be knowing them. The best way to get away from these viruses is not to download any 3rd party app from unlisted website. They may contain malware that may get access to your mobile phone. You should not even open or click on any link which you think is not safe. Who knows where that link would take you. Following these simple steps may help you to stay f safer side and not get attacked by any kind of hacker.

So, guys this is the end of the article i hope you must have got information about the pegasus virus and all the other viruses which are on trend these days. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on our new article and trending topics. Till the time STAY SAFE AND STAY AT HOME.

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