These Funky iPhone X Cases Will Charm Your Smartphone


Having used out a variety of cases with my iPhone X, I thought of trying out something different. And that's when; the funky looking cases for iPhone X crossed my mind. I browsed through numerous options on Amazon and found these five cases pretty cool for the iPhone.

While exploring cases, the two qualities that I made sure to check were: design and convenience. I wanted the cover to catch eyeballs effortlessly and also make a fine pair with the smartwatch. Read on to find out more…

Best iPhone X Funky Cases

Funky iPhone X Cases

#1. Aearl

Aearl iPhone X Funky Case

Sporting funny 3D cartoon, Aearl has got a nice look. The case fits snugly on the iPhone X with the precise cutouts offering trouble-free access to port and camera. Soft silicone rubber feels nice to the touch and also offers improved grip.

Despite having a slim form-factor, this funky looking case can provide the needed protection from scratch and minor bumps. Moreover, you can pick this cool case in 11 attractive variants with the different design.

Key features:

  • 3D cartoon
  • Soft silicone rubber
  • Form-fitting design
  • Availability of multiple variants

Price: $9.99 on
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HUIYCUU iPhone X Funky Case

Featuring cute animal design, HUIYCUU looks fascinating. Made of soft TPU, the case snaps on perfectly on the iPhone. Rubberized cover offers enhanced gripping that doesn't let the smartphone slip out of your hand.

Raised lip ensures the gorgeous edge-to-edge display has additional protection from scratch. You can trust this case to keep the impact of minor falls at bay. Moreover, HUIYCUU comes in multiple good-looking variants.

Key features:

  • Cool animal design
  • Rubberized cover
  • Enhanced grip
  • Several nice-looking variants

Price: $8.50 on
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#3. Blingy's

Blingy iPhone X Funky Case

Ohh… the cat appears to be so bossy on the cover, doesn’t it? Blingy's cases are adorable and available in a variety of different designs, which instantly catch eyeballs. The cases are readied with soft TPU and make a friendly match with the iPhone. Due to the advanced printing technology, the custom design retains its charm for long.

Smooth cover fits all contours of palm thanks to the anti-slip design. Besides, it's fully capable of defending your smartphone from scrape.

Key features:

  • Improved grip
  • Anti-slip design
  • Advance printing technology

Price: $8.99 on
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PHEZEN Funky Case for iPhone X

The cactus looks so adorable as it's beautifully printed on the cover. PHEZEN is one of the cutest cases I have found on Amazon. Crafted with high-quality TPU, it has an extremely smooth surface. With the rubberized exterior, you have the desired comfort while holding the case in your palm.

It can withstand minor drops and also fight out scrape. Courtesy the neat cutouts, you have easy access to all the functions of your smartphone. Lastly, PHEZEN comes in 10 attractive designs.

Key features:

  • High-quality TPU
  • Extremely smooth surface

Price: $7.99 on
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LEMONCOVER iPhone X Funky Case

Hey, check out the colorful giraffe that seems to be waiting for its friends to join it for a long hunt! LEMONCOVER has a sleek profile that wraps around seamlessly on the smartphone. And with the eye-catching design on the back, the case has got the X-factor to be an appreciable pair of the device.

Top quality silicone material makes it so delicate to the touch. But for having such a thin design, it's good enough to shield your smartphone from scratch. Aside from protection, LEMONCOVER is available in six fascinating color variants with different designs.

Key features:

  • Top quality silicone material
  • Eye-catching design
  • Scratch protection

Price: $8.99 on
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That's all!

Your pick?

May I know the name of the case that has charmed your iPhone? I'd be really glad to know your feedback about it. Besides, let us know the name of a case you would like to see on this list.

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