Top 5 Resume Sites for Preparing a CV That Gets Read in interview 2018


It’s 2018 and your resume needs to reflect that. With the right apps, you can create a modern, good-looking CV to apply for jobs.

At this point, most resume makers know how to get past Applicant Tracking Systems. To stand out, you need more, like good design, or an online profile. But in the quest to be different, you need to ensure that you aren’t forgetting the basic elements of a resume either.

Top 5 Resume Sites for Preparing a CV That Gets Read In Interview

1. CV.Me: Simplest Free Resume With a Shareable Link

useful resume cv sites

In 2018, you need a resume that can be printed as well as shared via a link. CV.Me is the simplest option to create a no-nonsense portfolio that you can download as well as share, and it looks the same online and offline.

Go to the site and start filling out every box. Your profile, work and professional experience, skills, achievements, education, links, language fluency, and hobbies. I especially like how the skills section is a scale of 10, making it a visual and beautiful CV. When you’re done, download it as a PDF.

You can’t change templates here, and I’d advise clicking the “Save” button to sign in with your Google or Facebook account. It’ll store your data and create a link for your resume that you can share with anyone. Plus, the link isn’t permanent! In a click, you can kill that outdated link when you update or change your resume.

2. Torre Bio: Mobile-Friendly Graphical CV

useful resume cv sites

Chances are, a recruiter is going to read your resume on their phone. So you need to format your CV for mobiles. if you want to make an impression. Torre Bio is a radical new approach to make a beautiful online resume.

You basically create a resume as a mini-site. Each of your sections turns into a card, with just the right amount of information. All the sections are listed at the top for the reader to click or tap and be taken directly there.

It’s a little difficult to explain in words, so you should actually check out the Torre Bio of Leonardo Da Vinci. As you can see, the CV is quite customizable while looking modern, graphical, and gorgeous.

3. Resume Beacon: Free No-Strings-Attached Resume Maker With Templates

useful resume cv sites

If you search “resume maker” in Google, you’ll find plenty of results. But they require you to either pay to download the final document, or have other weird restrictions. Not with Resume Beacon though.

This is the best no-strings-attached online resume maker I have seen. Choose the style of your resume, and then start filling out data. In each section, Resume Beacon offers tips on what to say and what to avoid. Keep going till you finish all five steps, and then take a look at all the templates on offer.

Each template is free to use and free to download. The file comes in PDF format, so you can’t change anything once you’re done. I’d recommend signing up for Resume Beacon so it saves your data and you can add, delete, or modify your resume in the future.

4. LaTeX Resume: PDF, LaTeX, and JSON Resume Maker

useful resume cv sites

LaTeX is a plain-text document format that is highly malleable. It isn’t often used for making resumes, but it offers a compelling proposition.

Once you build your CV with this, you can download it as LaTeX or JSON. And that, in turn, gives you plenty of flexibility to import your resume into different templates and resume makers. You no longer need to fill out data or copy-paste it. LaTeX and JSON are supported by a wide variety of tools and will conform to any template.

And just in case you like one of the templates on the site, you can download it as a PDF. Before that, LaTeX Resume will guide you through every step of making a CV, telling you what to put in your profile, education, work, skills, projects, and awards sections.

5. Resume Worded: Successful Lines From Resumes + Handy Checklist

useful resume cv sites

While these other apps are telling you what you need to include in your document, they don’t necessarily teach you how to describe your achievements. That’s what Resume Worded is for.

This is a search engine of lines from successful resumes. Pick the type of job you are looking for and the type of skill. You’ll see a list of effective ways to describe accomplishments in that field. Just copy-paste, and customize it to what you did. And of course, you can always search for specific things like Python or content marketing.

Apart from that, you also get the handy Resume Worded Checklist. It’s easy to forget an important item or two, but Resume Worded will ensure you don’t. Go one by one through the whole checklist, correcting for formatting, structure, and the important items in each section.

Is LinkedIn Still Essential?

You should also decide whether you want to create or update your LinkedIn profile. Some recruiters have moved beyond LinkedIn and consider it outdated; others rely on it more than any other tool. In some ways, you could probably figure out your company’s culture based on whether they think a LinkedIn profile is essential.

All of Sites for Preparing a CV are excellent and worth a look. But once you are done picking the one you like, you need to also check our list of the last resume tools you’ll ever need.


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