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If you’re a fan of movies and/or TV, you should check out Tubi TV, a free streaming video service that offers thousands of movies and TV shows. With Tubi TV, you can find content that isn’t available on Netflix and get personal recommendations of videos you’d like to watch.

About Tubi TV

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With thousands of shows from over 200 partners, Tubi TV offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies you can watch for free. According to Forbes, Tubi TV is the largest free ad-supported streaming network. See, Forbes With $35M In Investments, TUBI TV Has Established Itself As A Leading Free Streaming Service.

You won’t find the latest releases, but you will find many gems from companies such as Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, Starz and more. With Oscar winning movies and Emmy winning TV shows, Tubi TV has plenty of videos for you to watch.

Tubi TV video streaming service is free and is supported by ads. Yes, you’ll have to watch some advertising, about 4-5 minutes of commercials for 30 minutes of video, but that’s less than many cable channels.

Finding what you want to watch is made easy with personal recommendations, categories such as “Not on Netflix,†and many genres.

As Tubi TV learns what you like, it’ll suggest videos for you to watch according to your interests. You can also add shows and movies to your personal queue to watch later.


Tubi TV is available for free on the Tubi TV website and on devices such as Android, iPhone/iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, TiVO, smart TVs and more. You can download the apps and see a full list of supported devices on the Tubi TV supported devices page.

Outside the US? Check out Tubi TV’s page Tubi Supported Devices outside of the US  to find compatible devices for your country.

Using Tubi TV

Using Tubi TV is easy. Go to the website or download its app to your device. You can watch as a guest, but if you sign up for an account you can tell Tubi TV what you like to watch and get a list of personal recommendations.

Another advantage of signing up for an account is that you’ll then be able to pause Tubi TV on one device and pick up watching it on a different device. So if you just can’t wait to finish a movie you began watching on your TV at home, you could finish watching it on your phone or tablet later.

Signing up for a Tubi TV account is easy, no need to enter a credit card number. You can sign up either using Facebook or an email address.

You can pick genres you are interested in, or skip that step and just start watching. The more you watch, the better Tubi TV will be able to understand what you like to watch and make better recommendations for you.

Unlike Netflix, you can’t set up profiles for other viewers in your family. But because the service is free, other members of your family can create their own accounts and register their own interests, so long as they are over 13, or have a parent’s permission if they are between the ages of 13 and 18.

You can pause, rewind and fast-forward through the videos. But you can’t fast-forward through the commercials. Tubi TV does have to earn money, after all…

Your Thoughts

Have you tried Tubi TV yet? Do you enjoy watching streaming videos for free? Would watching the commercials bother you or would you appreciate that the video service is completely free?

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