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I’ve two WhatsApp accounts; while one is for loved ones, the other one is for my clients and colleagues. More often than not, I have to switch between these accounts to communicate with all of them. When I’m working on the computer, I prefer using WhatsApp web to chat with friends a bit more comfortably. Recently, I got caught between two stools and found it a bit cumbersome to switch between my personal and professional accounts. Luckily, I soon stumbled upon a smart hack that helped me use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the desktop with ease.

If you also like using WhatsApp Web on your Mac or Windows PC, you would really appreciate this trick. Let me show you how it works!

How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Desktop

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp on your mobile device.

Step #2. On your iOS device, tap on Settings app → WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

On your Android device, tap on the three tiny dots (placed vertically) at the top right corner → WhatsApp Web.

Step #3. Now, open any web browser on your computer and head over to and then point your smartphone to the screen to capture the QR code.

Step #4. If you want to switch to a different account, simply open a new tab and paste the following link: and then hit enter.

Step #5. Next, you have to scan the QR code using your other WhatsApp account.

Once you have scanned QR code, you will start using both the accounts stimulatingly on your desktop and also be able to switch between them effortlessly.

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So, that’s how you can go back and forth between your WhatsApp accounts seamlessly. Have any question? Shoot your thoughts in the comments below.

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