Why are recharge plans only for 28 days?

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone or any other keypad phone. Therefore to make calls and use data we always have to recharge the phone. But while doing recharge online or offline have you ever noticed, that companies only offer 28 days validity packs instead of a full month, except February. Well, there might be a reason for this, and today we will be discussing why do companies offer a recharge plan of 28 days?

Why not a full-month plan?

While recharging any sim you must have noticed that the plans are only for 28 days. Every month you are left with 22 or 3 days. But, why do companies do this? The reason is simple. It is done to maximize the profit of the companies. Be it any company like airtel, Vi, jio, etc.

From a customer point of view, we will think that leave it it is just 2 days thing. Yes, for a short period of time it is ok. But for a long period of time customers are at a loss. When you remove 2 days from a month for a year you are left with an extra month out of it. SO instead of recharging for 12 months now, you have to recharge for 13 months.

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Plans of some companies for a month

Vodafone + IdeaRs 149Unlimited voice calls
2GB of data (+1GB promo)
300 SMS
28 Days validity
AirtelRs 149Unlimited voice calls
2GB of data
300 SMS
28 Days validity
JioRs 18528 Days validity
100 SMS/day
500 mins FUP for voice calls on non-jio numbers
Free Jio-Jio calls

How to get rid of this?

Basically, it is simple, you recharge 12 times for a year, and you are left with one month extra with 28 days. Therefore to get rid of this. You just have to make a recharge of 6 months or a year, instead of one month. This will help you to get rid of that one month extra. Companies make a huge profit from this extra month. Nowadays companies have rolled out a new plan where they offer 24 days plans. If you calculate for a year then you will be left with 3 months extra. Basically, these are some strategies to maximize their profit at a low cost.

So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope you may have got some information about these plans where they do offer for 28 days and at the end of the year you are left with no plan for 28 days. These are just marketing strategies. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updates on new articles and trending technology. Till the time STAY SAFE AND STAY AT HOME.

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