Why Do Calls Get Disconnected After 90 Minutes?

Many companies have come with many outstanding plans for postpaid as well as prepaid sims. But they could not solve the problems of call drops. Many big telecom companies offer unlimited callings and unlimited data too. But after a period of time, the call gets disconnected, and just have to call the person again. So, today we are here to tell you why do call gets disconnected after 90 minutes.

Why Do Calls Get Disconnected?

This thing has even reached the supreme court. Companies have been questioned that why do calls get disconnected. Court had even said that if a call gets dropped then the users will be paid the amount of the call. After this decision, the companies had to bear huge losses. seeing this they have to come up with a new idea stop call dropping. Though there are many new towers that are being made up at backward areas too still there are many chances of call drop. Even installing more towers is not good for the environment and especially for the birds. Thousands of the bird die every year due to high frequency in the towers.


there is a setting in the main cellular switch network for a longer call duration. It is normally set to 90 minutes. That is the reason why calls get disconnected after 90 minutes. The time can be changed accordingly.

The call may even get disconnected to heavy traffic over the signal. There are millions of calls forwarded over the world. Therefore there may be some signal interruption.

Alternate ways of doing a call

Earlier everyone used to make calls from the caller app. But nowadays there are many alternatives from where you can make calls. They just require a good internet connection. List of apps from where you make a call too.

  • Google Voice (Android & iOS)
  • Dingtone (Android & iOS)
  • TextMeUp (Android Only)
  • TextPlus (Android & iOS)
  • WhatsApp (Android & iOS)
  • Viber (Android & iOS)
  • Skype (Android & iOS)
  • Messenger (Android, iOS) & Messenger Lite (Android, iOS

So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope you must have got to know why o call gets dropped. Basically, this is because of the settings done by the company. Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on technology and trending things. Till the time STAY SAFE & STAY AT HOME.

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