Why Do T.V Don’t Buffer?

While watching t.v have you ever noticed that it doesn’t buffer, but why? Even if it’s on for 24 hours it will not buffer. The only time when t.v gets disconnect from the signal is due to bad weather conditions or any technical issue. But it never buffers like any other video apps or youtube. There is a reason behind this. So, let’s get started with Why do t.v don’t buffer?

In streaming servers, buffering happens before loading any video content. This happens due to poor signal or may occur due to the file size too. But ever wondered while going to any channel on t.v at any time, none of the buffers. They work fine without buffering.


While surfing any online platform almost everything buffers. This is because video surfing platforms are based on content on demand. Everyone wants to see different videos according to their own needs. Internet cables have their own bandwidth. So, that is the reason we see buffering on the internet due to poor network. Do you know every second there is a new video uploaded on youtube or over the internet? Their people are connected through different mediums at different bandwidth, which makes the internet buffer. Most of the streamers or YouTubers prefer nighttime as the best for their live stream. do you know the reason? This is because most of the people are offline. Therefore there’s is o lag or buffering during the time.


T.v works on the principle of broadcasting, not on the basis of the internet. The same signal frequencies are sent to all the users at the same time even when the tv is off. Antena plays an important role in catching the signal all the time. Antena is the reason we see the different channels at the same signal frequency.

You can check an example to easily understand it.

Just suppose shop X sells cold drinks and shop Z sells cold drinks as well as fast food. So the queue in shop X will be small and limited which requires less time. But the queue in shop Z is large and people want more and more according to their needs. Hence, shop Z will require more time. This is the reason why t.v don’t buffer. As there are more people demanding different content over it, whereas as tv audiences don’t have a choice to according them.

So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope you must have understood why T.V doesn’t buffer. This is because the internet gives more and more variety of content whereas on tv we have to watch according to them what they are trying to show us. T.v doesn’t have that much audience as compared to the internet. nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone with them Subscribe to our newsletter to always get updated on our new articles and trendy things. till the time STAY SAFE & STAY AT HOME.

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