Why Emojis Are Different On Different Devices?

While talking to your friends or relatives we send tons of emojis. But have you ever wondered that different devices support different kinds of emojis? So here we come again to clarify your doubt that why do emojis look different on different devices. Though there are only a few reasons they are the main reason that why emojis are different. So, let us get started with Why emojis are different on different devices?…

There are many reasons that why do emojis look different. But we will be going through some of the important point.

Why emojis are different on different devices?

There are different emojis used on different devices. Here is a list of some of the devices that use different devices.

  1. Apple- used on messages on IOS and the iMessage app.
  2. Google- Used on the stock interface, google message app, Gmail, Hangouts
  3. Samsung- Built-in on devices with Samsung TouchWiz SKin
  4. Facebook- on Facebook and Facebook messages
  5. Lg- Built-in on LG devices
  6. Microsoft- On Microsoft PCs, Microsoft Surface, and Windows phone
  7. Emoji one- It is used in web apps like the stack and the campfire chats.


This is because of licensing issues, many messaging systems on different platforms must develop their own interpretations of the corresponding emoji symbols, so an emoji on an iPhone may appear very different on an Android. Thought many companies shares many emojis. But they can’t copy without their permission. As you would not like that because the other company will be earning on your work without giving you the credits. So copyright is also a reason for having different emojis on the different operating systems.

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There are 845 emojis supported across multiple platforms, according to Emojipedia, and 1620 emoji in the most recent version of the iPhone’s operating system, IOS 9.1, including 150 new emoji hot of the Unicode presses.
fun fact



This could be the main reason why emojis are different. The basic emojis or OS such and android and apple are the same. But every company or operating system developer designs their own custom design. They all look different but UNICODE behind them is the same. Unicode is a standard code that defines the way characters are represented.


Whenever you send an emoji. In real Unicode, is sent to the receiver instead of the real emoji. After that, the Unicode is converted into the real emoji by the app or the operating system you are using. That is why every single emoji looks different on different devices.

Some Of The Emojis Which Looks Different Are :

  1. Face with rolling eyes



So, guys, this is the end of the article. I hope now you must know why do we different emojis on different devices. The main reason behind this is the UNICODE that runs on different devices according to their needs. Stay tuned to our website. Subscribe to our newsletter and always get notifications on recent posts. Till the time STAY SAFE & STAY AT HOME.

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